Lots of Knots

I'm slowly working my way through a 100 piece order for a Canadian retailer. To mentally distract myself from the monotony I decided to count the number of knots I tie per mobile. Each small mobile has 179 knots and 71 paper shapes that are individually die cut by hand. The production process is similar to jewelry making. Meticulous attention to detail, skill and patience are required. They are truly a labor of love. Start to finish each mobile takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Crazy.

Counting the number of knots in each mobile got me to thinking about all that goes into the making of the mobiles. Which got me to thinking about all things production and pricing and the difference between things that are artist made versus things that are produced in a factory. And about why hand made artist goods are more expensive than factory produced goods and why they are worth the investment. Honestly, I think about these things constantly and I could go on and on about the topic....but I must return to mobile making!

So I will just say this: I think the thing that is special about handmade goods and what makes them worth the extra investment is that ineffable quality that comes from the creativity and imagination and well, soul and feeling of the maker. That special something that attracts you to the thing... that would be lost if the thing were inexpensively produced in a factory on an assembly line.

I also want to say thank you to those of you that understand, embrace and support small businesses and artists that are producing special, hand made, high quality goods. Thank you for understanding why they are worth investing in. THANK YOU!


Brian said...

I just saw your mobiles on the DwellStudio site. Congratulations! They look great. Cheers to handmade goods.
Brian (adrift mobiles)

Heather said...

Hello Brian! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! I love your mobiles! Yes, cheers to handmade:)