Celia's Email

A few weeks ago, Celia, the author of the blog Hank and Lucy posted about wanting a Sunshine mobile for her nursery. You can read the post here. She was uncertain about making the investment herself and also about putting it on her baby shower registry.
In the end she did put it on her registry and one of her lovely friends gave it to her as a gift.
This morning she sent me an email that made my day! Her words are so kind and touching...she agreed to let me share them here on my blog. Thank you Celia!

hi heather!

thank you so much for your comment. i did end up putting the mobile on my registry and one of my very dear friends gave it to me this past weekend. i kid you not, i cried when i opened the package. it's funny to think that i got more emotional over one of your mobiles than i did over any other gift. i REALLY do think your pieces are worth the price (if not more), but we just aren't currently in the position to be buying it ourselves (babies cost A LOT of money). if i didn't get it at my shower, i was going to forgo the whole mobile idea for a few months and wait until we could buy it. i had seen other similar pieces, but they didn't compete and i knew i would be so sad if i "settled". anyway, i am the happiest girl now that we have it and i can't wait to hang it up. i'll be posting pictures on the blog, so i'll make sure to forward you the link.


p.s it is miles more beautiful in person than it is online. :)


Celia said...

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet email... ♡

Heather said...

Hi Beth! I know! So sweet!