Vintage Treasure

I'm in trouble! I have relapsed and given in to my vintage treasure hunting addiction. I had sworn off it for a good while.....but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus, I will use them as photo props one day, so I can justify the purchases. Right?
How sweet is this little lady at top? It's a hand painted music box with little birds and a girl that twirls around. Just makes me happy.
And this hand painted fish soap dish. I love, love, love it. And how charming is the signature on the back? By Dottie...oh crazy love and happiness.


Pergolina said...

it reminds me of that scene in enchanted when all the animals come to her side when she sings! love it! so cute!

shelf appeal said...

It's good to have nice things around you. The wooden toy girl has birds around her, you have the wooden toy girl and the tired looking fish around you. It's all good..

colour said...

these are so pretty ! you are really living your life !