Art is My Church

I have found that when I am feeling lost, adrift and scattered that looking at works of art that speak to me brings me right back to center. It sets the world right for me like nothing else. It restores my faith in goodness and beauty. For some it is nature, for some it is religion. For me, it is art.
I recently needed an antidote for my crazy and sad thoughts so I spent some time looking at the work pictured here by the sculptor Alma Allen. I find his work to be strong, light hearted and elemental. Thank you for your amazing work Alma. It was just what I needed. You can see more here.

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Abigail Ryan said...

I adore alma allen's work... and each and every time I see it featured somewhere online, it is like a breath of fresh air and inspiring like it's the first time I have clapped eyes on it.

Pure prefection :)

{just found your gorgeous paper goodies... they are so very lovely!}