Corner Store Envy

It's like someone went in my brain when I was sleeping and pulled this image did this happen????? This picture perfectly captures my ultimate retail fantasy. I have a serious, serious dream of opening a charming corner store with my lovely lady friends. Believe me when I say I have spent countless hours playing a scenario that looks very much like this picture out in my head. And countless conversations have taken place about how we might make this fantasy a reality. Maybe someday when:
1. The recession is over.
2. My adopted city of Portland decides to grow up and get over it's thrift store and DIY aesthetic. Portland has it's charms but high end design, fashion and retail is not on that list....YET!
3. It's been so long that the reasons why I don't want to return to the life of a shopkeeper fade away completely.
In the mean time I will continue to dream and enjoy the inspiration provided in this lovely image of the new Selvedge shop.

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Flotsam & Jetsam said...

i HAVE to visit this store......i'm sure it will be a seriously inspiring shop if their magazine is anything to go by.