...I miss shops that I used to visit in my former life in San Francisco. Thankfully I have collections of objects that I purchased from them like this fuzzy pear that opens and can be used as a gift box. I purchased it from a very special shop in San Francisco called: Bellocchio.  This is where Claudia, the owner and amazingly talented retail merchandiser sells her unusual and delightful gift items from Europe such as papers, ribbons, jewelry, boxes, lotions and more. Tucked into a charming corner storefront on Brady Alley, Bellocchio is a sweet spot that I miss and highly recommend to anyone that appreciates a retail shop with a unique and specific vision. 
The vintage hair pin is from Addison Antiques, sister store to Addison Endpapers of Oakland. Two very unique and quirky purveyors of handmade paper items, stationary, jewelry and vintage collectibles. Neither shop has a website but both are well worth seeking out if you love unusual trinkets and novelty items presented with an impeccable eye for retail styling and merchandising. The roll of gorgeous vintage green velvet the pear and hair pin are sitting on is also from Addison Antiques. 

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