I am sad and emotionally drained after a chaotic week so I took a break yesterday and went to one of my vintage hunting spots. I was looking for some specific items to use in a wall hanging. I did not find what I was looking for but I did purchase this beautiful large mercury glass globe. It is silver and gold and faded and lovely. I was excited to photograph it but did not think about the fact that I would be reflected in the image. I was frustrated for a minute about the reflection but then I decided it is apropos to my state of mind right now and I quite like the images I made. I have been thinking about how wherever you go, there you are. And that the world really does reflect back what you give and think and feel. I'm going to let myself drift and reflect for a few days and hope that will bring inspiration, balance and focus again after a tumultuous time. 

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a. harms said...

i hope you are feeling better. your work is beautiful. - ah