This Is

...what I have been making for the past month. 16 of them that is. The fashion label  Custo Barcelona commissioned me to make 16 of these to be displayed in their retail store windows for the month of February. They will be hanging in their stores in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, Puerto Rico, San Diego, and Las Vegas. 

Coming up in March....all new mobile color mixes and sizes will be added to my website. I am looking forward to sharing all the new things I am working on!


tracy said...

these are beautiful Heather!
I love them
my blog is

Heather Frazier said...

Thanks Tracy! So fun to reconnect.
you left out an l in your blog address so here it is in case others want to check it out:

lisa tilse said...

That is breathtaking! I love it.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful.
i am here thru ada's blog.

i am wondering
are these strung on fishing line?
and how do you keep the paper apart? i was thinking if they were knots then the line would not hang very straight.

i did some beads and folded butterflies with my daughter last summer for our porch. but, the beads kept the butterflies apart on the line.

very curious...