Kico Kids Mobiles

Phew! That's a lot of pictures. 
These are some of new things that I have been working on and that will be hanging and available for purchase at the Kico Kids pop up shop and gallery starting next week. They will be hanging for the month of December if any one lives in the New York area and wants to see some unique mobiles and garlands in person. The shop/gallery is located in Chelsea Market.
I have been experimenting with adding pom poms to the mobiles. I like them quite a bit....especially for kids!  I would like to offer them for sale on my website but I have not worked out a functional and pretty packaging solution for until I do they will be special one off pieces.


I Dream. I'm Jeannie. said...

Heather, these are some kinda purty. No, really, I love love love them!!

Heather Frazier said...

Thank you darlin! Love you.