Some Things......

I have had no time for blogging lately.
It has been work, work, work for me the past few weeks. The orders have been coming in on a very consistent basis over the past few months. Thank you to all of the individual customers as well as the retailers that have been so supportive! This makes me very happy....but it is a challenge to keep up with it all. I need an intern! Anybody????
I have just begun to make some new work for an upcoming exhibition in New York which will be at the Kicokids pop up store and gallery. I am at the stage of not really knowing what I am going to make. My process is to just start with some materials and go. It is organic and experimental.
It is like standing on an edge...not really knowing what will happen when you cross over. I love and fear this place. Once I have a clear direction and know what to is all about doing the work. It can be boring, repetitive, and lonely. The loneliness is one reason I wanted to write about my process and inspiration. I want to feel connected to the world and sometimes when I spend day after day in my studio working alone.....I feel very disconnected. 
I am a big fan of Kiki Smith.....I am very inspired and moved by her work. I like what she says in this interview about having an idea and then it is all just labor....the making of the idea. She says a lot of other really good stuff too!
The top photo is a metal thing I picked up at the Portland Expo antique show over the summer. I want to make a sculptural something or other with it.
The bottom photo is of new colors I am going to be working with. Very excited. 

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