I Made a Dress

These are pictures of my daughter Elizabeth in a dress that I made for her recently. She is 23, a recent college graduate, and last Saturday she moved to Austin, Texas to start her life as a young adult and I cried. 
She spent the summer with us in Portland and one day she ran in to my studio in a moment of inspiration and said  "let's make a dress mom". I put down my work and started draping a design right then. It was so much fun to collaborate on a dress making project with her. 
I am very happy with the results. She chose a gorgeous camel color wool that I lined in a nice cotton so it isn't itchy. She wanted the exposed zipper to update the old school silhouette. I love the way she put it together with the little Prada belt and that hat. She is a great model to work with and I am always inspired by her sense of style.
I will be missing her. 

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