I Found Gold

I found these two vintage bags recently. I love them. They are both real leather and in beautiful condition. They might inspire a metallic mobile....but it will have to wait as I have so may ideas and projects I want to execute.....aahhh if only I had three of me.
I used to be a retailer. Yes I did. I had my own little store in San Francisco. It was sweet but I am glad my life as a shop keeper is over. Not much I miss about those days.....except having a reason to go treasure hunting. I used to spend what little bit of free time I had at flea markets, antique malls, and thrift stores hunting for vintage items to sell in my store. I loved having a place to display and sell my finds. Now I have to stop myself from vintage shopping too often because I am not much of a collector. I love to look for, discover, and appreciate beautiful objects but I only want to have a few things for myself. Having too much stuff in my life makes me uncomfortable. But as you can see, I still have the impulse to hunt down and purchase pretty things. 

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