Sachets anyone?

I have been making these lavender filled silk sachets with pompoms for a while now. I make them in about a dozen colors. I put them in my suitcase when I travel and I hang them in my closets. And of course they are always great tucked in a drawer. I like to give them as gifts. Lavender is one of my favorite smells, the colors are really pretty, and pompoms are a weird little obsession of mine. 
I have been thinking about putting them on my site for sale but I am not sure anyone will want to buy them. So here is my question......are they just too dorky? Too twee? Too old ladyish? Love them/hate them/indifferent? What do you think? 

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cartolina said...

I like these - and I would buy them! I love lavendar too - many times I find the sachets that are for sale are too lacy and flowery for me - these are chunky and interesting and I like em!