Green Vase on an August Evening

This is a photo of a lovely green vase that I found last Saturday at my new "secret" vintage treasure hunting source. It was $5. How I love a bargain. The photo credit goes to my dear husband, Charles. He has a new camera and a great eye for photography.....I posses neither of these things. Well....he did study photography in college so he does have that over me. Much of the photography credit on this blog will go to him. He is generous with his time and patient with my art direction....even though it quietly pains him! We are both so alpha it is ridiculous....I suppose it keeps life interesting.
Ok, so I am not really going to keep my new treasure hunting spot to myself. If you live in Portland and like to vintage shop check out the Community Warehouse Estate Sale on Saturdays and Sundays. I am headed there right now.

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