Found Treasure

Put me in an antique mall or a flea market and I am a happy woman. Those who know me well know that some days I just need to go treasure hunting. Gotta go looking for something. And sometimes I really score. (It's in my blood....more on that later) The top image is a picture of a not very valuable screen print by the artist Andre Derain that I found recently on one of my treasure hunting days. I paid $35 for it. When I first found it I was sort of freaking out because Andre Derain is a major artist of the Fauve period. I don't know much about him or that period of art but I did recognize the name and the style...thanks to a a bit of memory still left in my brain from those art history classes in college. And it was in an amazing but busted period frame. Knowing nothing about how to identify a print...for a moment I thought it might be an original painting and I was having some sweet fantasies about selling it for a bunch of money and what I would do with that bunch of money. 

And that would be:

1. Relax and just breathe for a while
2. Make art whenever I felt like it and just because
3. Do a little shopping, I swear just a little.

Anyway..back to the story....I did a bit of research and showed it to a print dealer friend who told me it is a screen print, not a painting. Alas, gone were my fantasies of piles of money and it was back to normal life for this lady. That's ok though because I've got myself this pretty little print to look at and it has me thinking about making a wall hanging or mobile inspired by the color palette in the print. So still, lucky me. 

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It's always fun to find a treasure and then speculate about it being a rare find! I love that you're turning into inspiration!